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About Us


Yu Hai,  the famous conductor, Commander of the Military Band of China,  is the chairman of the CASBE. Zhao Ruilin, Dai Zhonghui,

Sun  Minghong, Han Guoliang ,Jiang Siwen,Zhu Hancheng,Wei Huang,and Xi Weilong ,all the  famous wind music educators,

players or organizers, are vice  chairmen. The CASBE includes senior consultant institution,  band director academic society, leaders

friendship council. The  key mission are organizing both professional and amateur’s  social activities, emphasizing the function of

conductors,  composers, players, and commentators, promoting the guiding  ability of wind music activities, developing wind music

theory  research, holding specialist forum and demonstrating education,  managing and regularizing social education and level testing, 

examining, compiling and publishing teaching materials. It also  serves for international exchange activities of bands and  invites wind

instrument manufacturers and dealers to promote  academic research, managerial exchanges and instrument quality  check system etc.

Since the foundation of the CASBE, we’ve been concentrating  on regularized construction. Through opening our website,  publicizing

member magazine, holding nationwide grand  competition, specialist lecture, wind instrument manufacturer  party, establishing

relationship with Asia and the world,  guiding the band competition in China etc., we’ve powerfully  promoted the wind music

popularization and development  nationwide. 

The CASBE will try it’s best to gathering and spurring on  the mass scale wind enthusiasts. As working step by step, we  are striving

for the goal towards more regulated, more ordered  position and do more contributions to China wind business.

About China Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles

China Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (CASBE)  belongs to the China Association of Musicians. Founded

on  November 18th, 2004 in Beijing, it is a nationwide social  association composed by volunteer wind music organizations, 

musicians, fans, instrument manufacturers (dealers). 

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