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Chengde International Tourism Culture Festival and Wind Music Festival

At 9:15 am on June 26, the fireworks and pigeons flew together. In the majestic national anthem, Liu Xiaomei, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration, announced the opening of the 11th China Chengde International Tourism Culture Festival and International Wind Music Festival.
15 Chinese and foreign excellent wind music troupes from South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Beijing and other places, together with the "Dingsheng Dynasty Kangxi Dadian" performance group, Chengde Experimental Primary School, Chengde Bazhong, local famous performance groups, nearly 1,000 people for Chinese and foreign guests and Chengde citizens Dedicated a wonderful wind, folk culture dinner.
The first appearance was the Beijing Military Region Military Orchestra, which is known as the "Mighty Master, Civilized Teacher Window Unit". The players were heroic and sturdy, and they won the audience's bursts of applause and cheers. In the middle of the reverberation, the three gates of the closed Dehuimen were opened, and the two columns of the Eight Flags were armed with armor and the flag was quickly set. Then, the imperial Qing Emperor stepped out of the palace under the crowd of people, and the momentum was magnificent.
Macao Lijiang Middle School marching flag band, Beijing Changping Second Middle School Band, Beijing Fengtai District Changxindian Primary School Little Swan Wind Ensemble, Beijing 57 Middle School Pipe Band, Taiwan Tailuge Folk Orchestra, South Korea Chungju Hanlin Desigh Higher School Orchestra, Chengde Experimental Primary School brass band, Chengde Bazhong Pipe Band have appeared, flute, piccolo, trombone, large, horn, xylophone, chord piano... all kinds of musical instruments are dizzying, or solemn, or feminine, or It’s awkward... a piece of unique instrumental music and folk music that will satisfy the audience.
The marching show began. On the 1,000-meter Wulie Road, which is the intersection of Xiaonanmen Road and the intersection of Shuiwen Hotel, it suddenly became the ocean of music and dance. The various styles, colors and styles of the players have opened the eyes of the public. The sleek and tidy pace and the high-pitched music show the unique charm of the music. The flagstower and the dance team are like butterflies, dancing across the marching teams.
On both sides of the Wulie Road, where the greenery is beautiful and the scenery is beautiful, the crowds of the citizens and tourists are crowded. Everyone takes out the mobile phone and the camera and keeps shooting. The distant view, the close-up view and the close-up take a break.
The drum band from Desigh High School in Chungju, South Korea has won the Korean Culture and Tourism Minister's Cup Award for three consecutive years. In 2008, he was invited to perform as the Youth Olympics Band of the Beijing Olympic Games. Their performances were especially well received by the audience. At the end, the Korean team members were surrounded by audiences and took photos with them.
"Chengde is a tourist city. To be 'internationalized', the mind must be released and accept new things. The form of music is quite novel, especially the music festival, which makes the people have a long experience and so much. Foreigners come to know about Cheng Chengde, how good!" citizen Ma Xiuying said happily.
The Chengde Tourism and Culture Festival has been going on for 11 years. On this platform, we can always see different faces and different skin colors. Chengde, ushered in all the friends and guests; unique humanity, beautiful scenery, let Chengde, is going to the world.
With a heavy weight, it is charming and charming, and it has a taste; when you dye the city with music and dance, the city will be more clear. On June 26th, the flag of Dehuimen Square in the summer resort fluttered, and the 11th China Chengde International Tourism Culture Festival and International Wind Music Festival was held here.
The top tube bands at home and abroad gather in Chengde. At this moment, let us appreciate the collision between the mysterious oriental culture and the passion of Western culture; the perfect combination of the beauty of form and the beauty of music. At this moment, we heard the footsteps of Chengde’s march to the world.