Marching Band-Marching art

The marching wind music, the collection of band music and various performances, the subject matter is wide, the form is flexible, very dynamic and visual impact.

The marching wind music, the collection of band music and various performances, the subject matter is wide, the form is flexible, very dynamic and visual impact. In the 1960s, it began to be a special program in the performance of bands and military bands. Later, it gradually developed into a form of performance independent of symphonic music. There are mainly wind music groups, percussion groups and visual performance groups (flag team, gun team, knife team, etc.). The form of performance is to perform music at the same time as the rapid formation transformation, which can achieve the double exercise effect of aesthetic education and sports.
The marching band is also known as the marching orchestra, also known as the silver band, the music flag team. The marching orchestra often performs outdoors, usually wearing beautiful uniforms. While playing music, they are arranged in different formations in steps, even with a small amount of dance. The marching orchestra usually has a leader who uses the military band's dedicated baton to direct and lead the band to make different queues and moves. The marching orchestra often serves as an honor guard for various festivals, ceremonies, and parade performances, and also serves as an opening performance or cheerleading team at some sports events. Many military and police officers have military bands or marching bands. In addition to being an ceremonial and musical performance, the military band also has the purpose of stimulating morale and leading the army to march. There are the People's Liberation Army Military Orchestra in China, the Hong Kong Police Band in Hong Kong, the Air Force Military Orchestra in the United States, and a large number of military bands in Japan and Europe. Sometimes there are some military bands that are not brass, such as the Pipers. Unlike the general band, some instruments have different models for carrying them on the body. For example, some percussion instruments must be carried on the back with a strap.
As the main sponsor, the United States still leads the development trend. In Asia, after Japan followed the United States, after more than 30 years of promotion and popularization, the overall level of Japanese marching music has been at the forefront of the world. China's marching music began in the late 1980s. In 1990, the People's Liberation Army Military Orchestra released a large-scale wind music performance at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Asian Games, which left a deep impression on people.
It has been nearly 20 years since the introduction of the marching wind music. The overall development is obviously different from that of the United States and Japan. The professional groups such as the PLA Military Orchestra have made great efforts to play a leading role. The China Music Association, the Beijing Music Committee, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and the Shanghai Guanle The Society has also begun to develop this form of performance in local schools, and a number of marching bands with higher starting points have sprung up.
At the 2013 Shanghai International Wind Music Festival, dozens of marching orchestras from different countries exhibited their styles. We believe that in the near future, the marching music will also be transmitted to every corner of the world as a cultural card of China.