2018 China's 12th Excellent Wind Music Team Performance (symphonic orchestra team) charter

The first purpose of the 12th China Excellent Symphony Orchestra Team Performance is to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and demonstrate

Chapter I General
The first purpose of the 12th China Excellent Symphony Orchestra Team Performance is to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and demonstrate the level of performance of the current music team in China through the performance exchange activities of the National Excellent Symphony Orchestra Team. The current situation of the development of the national wind music team, enhance the communication and exchanges between the local music and music circles, promote the creation of Chinese wind music works, promote the popularization and improvement of the national music music art, and guide the development of China's wind power industry in a more standardized and orderly direction. .
Chapter II Organization
Article 2 This performance is organized by the China Musicians Association Wind Music Society and Shanghai Chunchun International Music Festival Organizing Committee, Shanghai Yangpu District People's Government, Shanghai Municipal People's Government Foreign Affairs Office, Shanghai Education Commission, Shanghai Culture Radio and Film Management The bureau and other units co-hosted.
Article 3 The Organizing Committee of the Exhibition shall be established to lead the exhibition activities. The secretariat of the exhibition organizing committee is set up to be responsible for the implementation of various tasks during the performance.
Chapter III Exhibition Time and Group Settings
Article 4 The 12th China Excellent Symphony Orchestra Team Performance will be held in Shanghai from April 29th to May 1st, 2018.
Article 5 The group setting and requirements for this performance.
1. Primary school group: (grades 1 to 6);
2. Junior high school group: (7th to 9th grade and small junior high school mixed tube band);
3. High school group: (high school to high school, secondary school, vocational school and junior high school mixed tube band);
4. University group: (local and military and industry colleges and universities);
5. Social group: (a band composed of employees of state organs, military units, public security, enterprises and enterprises);
6. Comprehensive group: (subordinate to community, street, workers' cultural palace, youth palace, youth activity center and amateur art school with training qualification, mixed band regardless of occupation and age);
7: Featured group: (such as flute, clarinet, saxophone, pure copper tube, pure wood tube band, etc.).
Each player is limited to a band to participate in, and each band is limited to one group.
Chapter 4 Playing Tracks and Time
Article 6 Each group participating in the performance will perform 2 works, one of which is a designated work and one of which is a self-selected work. The designated works of each group are: Primary School Group: 1. My hometown Shigatse (Chen Chen Composer) 2. Today is your birthday (Shu Yonggang arranger). Middle school group: 1. Kangding love song (Chen Dan arranger) 2. Frontier defense cavalry march (Ji Cheng, Xiao Xiao Qu). University group, social group, comprehensive group: 1. Jubilant Ruili River (Wei Ququ) 2. The sun comes out to be happy (Wang Hesheng arranger). Each band selects one of the specified works from the corresponding group. The featured group does not have a designated work. All the teams composed of a number of elementary school students can participate in the designated tracks of the primary school group, and other teams will participate in the specified tracks of each group. (Please contact the Secretariat of the China Music Association Wind Music Association for the scores of the above-mentioned designated works, Yu Yufei: 18600603278).
Each team's performance time (including the upper and lower field) primary school group within 15 minutes, other groups within 20 minutes.
Chapter 5 Number of Bands and Conductors
Article 7 The minimum number of actual performances of each participating band shall not be less than 40, the maximum number shall not exceed 70, and the number of featured teams shall not be less than 20.
Article 8 Each team may be specially invited to conduct special instructions.
Chapter VI Honor
Article 9 After the performance of each team, the experts of the jury will conduct a review one by one.
Article 10 According to the spirit of the "Opinions on the Reform of the National Literary Awards System" of the China Office and the State Council, the Organizing Committee will award the 2018 "China" to each team after the end of each group performance based on the recommendations of the experts. The nameplates and certificates of the Wind Music Society Demonstration Orchestra, the "Excellent Wind Ensemble" and the "Exhibition Orchestra" are encouraged. The nameplate and certificate of the "Outstanding Contribution Award for the Development of China's Wind Music" will be awarded to the participating teams participating in the third (including this year) competition (for teams that have received this honor in the past, they will not be awarded).
The unit and the organizing committee that have organized the outstanding work in this exhibition will be awarded the “Excellent Organization Award” nameplate.
The unit commander who was selected by the experts of the jury and outstanding in this performance will be awarded the “Commander Award” honorary certificate.
Chapter VII Musical Instruments
Article 11 All performance bands shall not use electroacoustic instruments. The organizing committee will provide a set of timpani, symphony drum, jazz drum, marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, carillon, tube clock, bass cymbal, Conga drum, bongo drum, wind chime and piano. Rack), double bass, command music stand, band music stand and seat. All drumsticks, sticks, bows and other instruments are resolved by the teams themselves.
Chapter VIII Registration Qualifications, Methods, Time and Requirements
Article 12 Any team of musicians who have the ability to perform well and have a higher ensemble level and are qualified to perform the specified ensemble may apply for the performance.
Article 13 Registration Method: All the music and music teams may be recommended by the provincial, prefecture-level audio associations, education committees and the Wind Music Society; or directly to the China Wind Music Society Secretariat. Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Henan, Shandong, Liaoning, and Jiangsu provinces will be organized by the local wind music association to organize their work in the province. Sign up.
1. Shanghai Contact: Teacher Yu 18616397123
2. Shandong Province Contact: Teacher Zhang 15154133530
3. Guangdong Province Contact: Teacher Chi 020-83803545
4. Zhejiang Province Contact: Teacher Wang 13750849966
5. Contact person in Henan Province: Teacher Yu 13383812630
6, Liaoning Province Contact: First Teacher 15040063832
7. Jiangsu Province Contact: Teacher Wang 13851688697
Article 14 The deadline for registration is February 28, 2018.
Article 15 Materials required for registration: (1) Application form (please download from the website of the China Music Association) (2) Please arrange the ensemble video of the team about 5 minutes after May 2017 (VCD/DVD) /u disk, etc.), the reported video material must be the team's participants.
Article 16 In order to ensure the quality of the participating teams, the organizing committee will organize the expert jury to review the videos provided by the teams, and refer to the opinions of the relevant recommending units to finalize the team that has obtained the qualification to participate in the national exhibition in Shanghai. The Organizing Committee will send a formal notice of participation before March 10, 2018.
Article 17 The team that has obtained the qualification for national exhibition performance evaluation in Shanghai shall send the following information to the designated group of the Shanghai Wind Music Festival Organizing Committee by March 31, 2018: sbhj2018@163.com
(1) The photo of the leader of the orchestra unit and the message within 20 characters.
(2) Registration form
(3) Command introduction and photos (introduction text must not exceed 100 words)
(4) Introduction and photos of the band (introduction text must not exceed 300 words)
(5) The score of the selected track (A3 size vertical and vertical print, or electronic document)
Article 18 It is planned to hold a team leader coordination meeting in Shanghai at the end of March 2018 to survey the show site, deploy specific events during the show and group lottery. The specific time and place of the meeting will be announced separately.
2018 is the fortieth anniversary of reform and opening up and the first anniversary of the legislation of the National Anthem Law. Any team that receives a performance in Shanghai must take on the rehearsal of the opening songs such as "The National Anthem", "Singing the Motherland" and "Happy Ode". The specific requirements are uniformly arranged at the team leader meeting, and the total scores of all the tracks are uniformly provided by the Office of the Wind Music Festival.
Chapter IX Other matters
Article 19 The Organizing Committee of this exhibition does not charge any fees. All the expenses of the team that finally obtained the qualification to go to Shanghai to participate in the national performance are self-care, and the organizing committee will introduce the travel agency services for each participating team.
Article 20 The performance charter and declaration form can be downloaded from the official website of China Music Association Music Association www.casbe.cn.
Article 21 The performance address of the performance team: the presentation materials of the exhibition. Mailing address: No. 31, Zizhuyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, Room 1619, Jiahuiyuan, Huaao Center, Secretariat of the China Music Association.
Zip code: 100089 E-mail: zhongyuan0303@126.com
Phone: 010-51906317
Contact: Zhong Yuan 18600606716 Yu Yufei 18600603278.
The right to interpret this statute belongs to the organizing committee. The Organizing Committee has the right to make appropriate adjustments or amendments to the Articles of Association according to the actual situation of the activities.
China 12th Excellent Wind Music Team Exhibition Organizing Committee
November, 2017