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Huang Wei

Huang Wei

Huang Wei is currently the vice chairman of the Chinese Musicians Association, the Music Music Committee of China, the president of the Liaoning Music Association, the professional leader of Liaoning Province, the outstanding expert of Shenyang, and the vice president of Shenyang Conservatory of Music. Professor, master's tutor, served as the main teaching and music theory research of the flute.
He is the first monograph of Music Education in China (cooperating with Liu Yunxiang), and is responsible for the National Education Science Eighth Five Research Project "Soviet Music Education" and other monographs, publishing "Basic Flute Tutorial" and "Classic Flute Pieces" (1, 2) (3 volumes), compiled with the Chinese Musicians Association social music level examination textbook "National Flute Performance Examination Collection" (with Korean Liang, Wang Yuanmao). In the "Music Research", "Chinese Musicology", "People's Music" and other national music core journals and provincial music academic journals published more than 300,000 words of various academic papers. He has won national and provincial scientific research awards and undertaken national and upgraded research projects. He has served as the director and judge of the national flute and various wind music competitions sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the China Music Association, the China Wind Music Society and other academic institutions. The students taught have won first, second and third prizes in national large-scale competitions. He has visited Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. He has been invited to attend international academic conferences, international flute competitions and exchanges, and has taught master classes and flutes in important domestic flute academic activities. Academic activities such as concerts.
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